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The process

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For customers of the ZROBLENO the repair execution process looks very simple, just because we take upon ourselves every difficult thing


Find out the cost and duration of your repair


Get a detailed consultation in the showroom repairs


Meet the specialist of the team ZROBLENO in your apartment


Get a detailed estimate of your repair


Sign an agreement with OOO ZROBLENO


Pay non-cash repair costs


Invite guests to a housewarming on the very day specified in the contract with OOO ZROBLENO


Enjoy – your repair is done!


Guarantees of works performance within the agreed time limits and for the agreed price shall be fixed in the Works Contract, also supported by: a technical project and a design project of your apartment, specifications of your selected materials

We also protect your apartment for 12 months.

We shall pay a penalty in the amount of 1,000 UAH for each day of delay

We accept payment only in non-cash form

Sign the acceptance certificate

We insure professional activity for 1000 000 UAH before each client


Repair performance time is calculated by our CRM system, based on a detailed computation of work scope in your apartment. Besides, we only work with inventories permanently available in the ZROBLENO stock, eliminating the risk of delay in performance due to lack of materials

You can make a tentative calculation of the performance time yourself in the online repair calculator. We will provide the final schedule after finalization of the desired layout with an architect and our expert’s visit to your apartment


The minimum basic repair value is 250$ per 1 m2 of the appartment, taking into account materials, work and technical project creation

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Technical documentation

The value of any ZROBLENO repair always and necessarily includes preparation of technical documents. Their high quality and accuracy are the main instrument of repair execution in due time. ZROBLENO technical documentation is a uniform repair process sheet for each specialist. It includes the following chapters:

  1. Measurement plan
  2. Furniture layout with connections
  3. Sanitary equipment layout
  4. Warm floor layout
  5. Lighting fixtures layout
  6. Switches layout with connections
  7. Sockets layout with connections
  8. Air conditioning layout
  9. Supplements