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Apartment Examination

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Apartment Examination

We offer a new service from ZROBLENO – apartment examination before purchase or signature of an acceptance certificate with the Developer. Making repairs in new buildings and drawing up dozens of estimates every day, we say with all responsibility that up to 5% of your repair budget is spent on defect correction in newly built properties. A proof engineer from ZROBLENO would perform a visual and instrumental inspection to determine the floor and wall levels, operability of engineering systems, energy efficiency of your apartment, quality of construction materials, etc.

We will arrange a visit of an engineer to your apartment

We will perform a visual and instrumental inspection of the apartment

We will check the operability of engineering systems

We will determine the energy efficiency of your apartment

We will complete detailed measurements of the apartment

We will draw up a retailed report with photos of defects

We will draw up a budget for defect elimination

Save up to 5% on the total cost your repair

We will present a layout solution for your real estate

Based on the technical audit results, we would draw up a detailed report with photos of discovered defects and deviations from the state construction standards.

A ZROBLENO apartment examination report would give you a good argument to demand the Developer should eliminate the existing defects, saving your expenses on future repair! The cost of an apartment examination by our engineer is 30 Ukrainian hryvnias (UAH) per square meter, but not less than 500 UAH. An examination of your apartment would take us between 2 and 4 hours. We will send you a report on examination results within 5 working days.

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