Капітальний ремонт квартир ЗРОБЛЕНО
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ZROBLENO is repairing your dreams

Capital repair of apartmen


Capital repair of your apartment is associated with Everest climbing – long, expensive and frightening. And it can be really so, if you make the repair yourself. Trust professionals to do that hard job! Turnkey repair is a specialization of the «ZROBLENO» company

Roman Brenych and Artem Postovalov founded the company in 2016. 10 years of their experience in capital repairs laid the basis for development of ZROBLENO project

The idea of the project: automation of each step of repair execution and creation of ready-made design solutions presented in the ZROBLENO showroom. It helps us to achieve the main goal of the company – fulfil your orders within fixed time limits at unchangeable prices.


We are chosen because::

  • The heart of company is a modern СRM system, which allows us to manage, and control repair processes from the first step to the last step
  • The hands of the company are a close-knit team of architects, designers, supervisors, logistics experts and foremen headed by the project manager Artem Postovalov
  • Of course, the face of the company is smiles of our satisfied customers.
    ZROBLENO has already more than 60 successfully fulfilled orders on its account!
  • Zrobleno team performs each and all kinds of work from technical project creation to general cleaning, leaving the Customer to enjoy the sweetest moments – design selection and layout development with an architect. The company works with pre-engineered, panel (pre-fabricated), brick and monolithic buildings. Besides, Zrobleno can make turnkey repairs of apartments in period houses and listed buildings on an individual basis

Roman Brenych

Founder and CEO

In the course of many years of my work in construction business, I have come to a conclusion that people need a comfortable repair service built on the principle ‘everything in one place’.

I know that the essence of creating apartment visualizations and selecting materials comes down to one thing: “touch” your own apartment. And to make that dream tangible, my team and I have created two unique opportunities. It’s an easy-to-use repair calculator which would let you not only “see the future”, but also estimate your expenses on that future! Plus the first repair showroom in Ukraine where you can “touch” your dream repair!

In the ZROBLENO project, I set the following targets: support decent Ukrainian manufacturers whose materials we use in our repairs and create new jobs developing the market of repair and construction services in our country


Artem Postovalov

Founder and executive director

Repairs in your apartment require knowledge, so they take your time and money!

Thanks to ZROBLENO, you would save your resources using them for success and efficiency in the main fields of your life!

I am proud of our team and what we do at ZROBLENO!

Go ahead to express your personality in design and be confident of high quality of the repair.

Enjoy the moment when your dream comes true, and ZROBLENO will do the rest…

That’s it. I am going to work. A.P.

Calculate the cost

So, if you have read our message up to here, it means you are fully determined! You are welcome to make the first step to your goal and use a simple online -сalculator of your repair where you can choose the style, calculate the cost and the timing!

Online Calculator